SmartPak Deluxe Fly Sheets

Are they worth the money or are you better off buying more bug spray?

I should start by telling you that fly sheets and I have a love-hate relationship. Here in Wisconsin, the bugs are bad and the right fly sheets can make a huge difference in keeping the horses comfortable! On the other hand, buying the wrong fly sheet can feel like your money would be better spent lighting a pile of singles on fire and wafting the smoke around to shoo the bugs away.
Needless to say, if a fly sheet is going to win me over it better be pretty freakin amazing.

Over the years I’ve had experience with twenty-plus different brands and styles of fly sheets. Seeing them put to the test in all different conditions on all different horses. Honestly most of them I wouldn’t recommend.

This season I opted to try a SmartPak Deluxe Fly Sheet (I got one infused with No-Fly Zone) for Rudy. My thought was that if it could save on fly spray and help her stay cooler and be less itchy from being bitten through her sheet it’ll be worth the extra money. She lays down quite a bit so her biggest complaint is usually from sheets that shift and get crooked.

If you’re not familiar with the No-fly Zone material, it’s similar to repellent spray but instead of putting it on your horse’s skin its infused into the fabric. It’s supposed to stay effective for over 20 washings (I haven’t tested that part out yet).

  • Helps with bug allergies/summer itch (noticeably less itching/rubbing)
  • Less stomping keeps hooves and legs in better shape
  • It has kept her cooler (to the point of me not feeling worried if she's wearing it on a warm day)
  • UV Blocking, great for horses that need sun protection
  • Stays centered without shifting or rubbing (no center seem = no wither rubs), it even hangs straight after rolling
  • Horse friendly material is soft and hangs well without being clingy or tight
  • Saves money using less bug repellent
  • Has held up well against ripping and snags so far but only been in use for 2 months on a horse that is not a heavy player
  • Is No-fly Zone harmful? Some say yes some say no. Its the same ingredient as is found in many fly sprays the only difference is its infused into the material instead of being sprayed directly on your horse's skin (my thought on this is if you have a horses that are very sensitive to bugs/no-see-ums/summer itch then the stress of inflammation from bites might be harder on their system than pyrethrins in the repellent
  • Repellent is supposed to last 20+ washes but I haven't used it long enough to know if it does
  • More expensive than some fly sheets

My final verdict on the SmartPak Deluxe fly sheet is that it has officially made the love-it list. Rudy and I have both been very happy with this sheet and I have already recommended it to others at the barn.




Ps. It’s also important to do a darn good job of keeping things clean, properly taking care of manure, and doing lots of bug prevention by stopping the little bugger from grabbing a free meal off our horses. You can check out more on that here.

Smartpak fly sheet review

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