How to have a fly free horse barn

Getting ahead of those pesky little buggers before they get to your horse

There are a ton of great products on the market for deterring bugs from biting your horses. High tech fly sheets, sprays, salves, masks, boots, heck you can even buy bugs that eat other bugs. Don’t get me wrong I do use my fair share of these products, but I also find preventing the little buggers from taking over in the first place to be just as important if not more so.

While many of the products I listed above work amazingly well, I think you’ll find that with a bit of strategic prevention you can cut your bugs down significantly and save a ton of money.
I’ve shot a quick video to show you one handy +free prevention method that we use for avoiding bugs at the barn.

Preventing Flies At The Barn

I’d love to hear your best bug banishing practices. Feel free to drop them in the comments.



Ps. Some of you have asked about where you can find the wheels for muck buckets. I highly recommend them for making cleaning easier and saving them from getting worn out. You can get them here.

The simple free way to prevent barn flies from ruining your horse's summer

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