Struggling To Interpret Horse Sales Ads? Learn The Lingo And Find The Horse Of Your Dreams Now

Ever find yourself reading a horse sales ad and saying WTF, what language is this written in? How are you supposed to know if the horse is even worth looking at if you can’t figure out what skills it has, who it’s suitable for, and what care it requires? 

Talking to horse people is really hard when you don’t know all the terms. Important details get missed, you don’t ask the right questions, and you spend another weekend driving around on a wild goose chase looking at horses that are all wrong for you! 

It’s time to learn the lingo so you can…

  • Stop feeling like a clueless outsider
  • Ditch feeling intimated when talking with horse owner/trainers
  • Quickly see what info is missing from a horse sales ad
  • Know what questions to ask to see if a horse is worth looking into further
  • Speak fluidly with horse people 
  • Find and buy the horse of your dreams!!

I’ve been where you are and I wish that I had more help at the time, which is why I love helping people find and buy their perfect horse. I want to give you a leg up in this tricky part of the process so I’ve created a Horse Sales Ad Translator.

You can download the entire Horse Sales Ad Translator for free right here!

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