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The Easy Way To Get A Gift They'll Rave About

Feeling a little intimidated about trying to find the perfect gifts for the horse people on your list?
Buying the perfect gift for a horse person can be pretty daunting. I’ll be the first to admit we aren’t the easiest bunch to shop for. We seem to have opinions about everything horse related and getting horsey themed decor is far from being a sure bet. So how do you get the perfect gift for the horse people in your life? Create the ultimate gift basket!

Gift baskets give you the flexibility to include a few tried and true basic items, add a couple of trendy finds, and toss in a few special treats. I’ve put together three themed gift basket ideas to spark your inspiration.

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The Ultimate Stable Care Basket

Gift ideas for horse lovers

The custom care basket is perfect for the owner that has their horses at home or the self-care horse owner. This is the perfect theme to go with for the person that loves logical, functional gifts. I would also recommend it for that tricky to buy for person that has everything as it’s filled with things they will actually use.

The Ultimate Stable Care Basket

Darn Tough Socks So what makes these particular socks gift basket worthy? How bout a lifetime warranty! As a person who is on her feet a ton and has a drawer full of sock with the heels worn out I can tell you socks that are warm, comfy, and last forever are worth their weight in gold. 

Himalayan Salt Lick Natural salt licks are super popular right now. Horses really do prefer them over other types of salt and they contain trace minerals that their bodies need.

Bye Bye Odor Odor eliminator is  an easy addition to any barn owner gift basket. It works great for horse trailers too. And since its a concentrate it makes over two gallons but it won’t take up too much space in the basket.  

Leather Care Every rider can appreciate the feel of soft clean boots and flexible grippy tack. Having the right products to maintain and protect their gear is essential to keeping that perfectly broken in feel and making equipment last. 

Insulated Chore Gloves Last year my brother got me a pair of these chore gloves and to be honest with you at the time they seemed a little boring (sorry Todd). But after wearing them in freezing temp and actually being able to use my fingers without taking them off I was sold. These puppies are warm, grippy, and they stay dry.  

Natural Horse Treats When picking out treats for someone else’s horses I always recommend sticking with ones that don’t have added sugar and use simple ingredients. Or you can make your own and put them in a mason jar to give the gift basket a homemade touch. 

Luxury Grooming Gift Basket

The best grooming bag stocked with horse care essentials

The Luxury Grooming Basket is a sure bet for the owner that loves to make their horse feel like every day is spa day. These indulgent gifts are the ultimate in horse appreciation.

Luxury Grooming Gift Basket

Extra Soft Finishing Brush  The right finishing brush makes all the difference when it comes to getting dust off your horse and making them super shiny. The key getting one that is a bit more luxurious is to go for natural bristles and an ergonomic wood back. 

SleekEz Shedding Tool makes shedding out in the spring a breeze without having to use the harsh old style metal shedding blades. It also helps with getting rid of dry skin.  

Body Brush  For a lot of riders the body brush is their go to for all over grooming. It is an absolute necessity. 

Organic Jojoba Oil Jojoba is the best kept secret to making your horse feel like they are at the spa. It is very versatile oil that can be used for everything from moisturizing and detangling to clearing up funky skin and reducing static.  

Wooden Paddle Brush Every grooming bag must include a cushion paddle brush. They’re way better than the typical plastic mane brushes at detangling and horse comfort. They also work great for currying and getting rid of loose hair. 

Sore-no-More Liniment  goes great in any grooming bag for those times when tight muscles show up or cold weather leaves your horse with stiff joints. It’s mild enough to use on sensitive horses and doesn’t burn so it’s easy to apply right before riding.

Grooming Tote Don’t worry about picking up a fancy gift basket, let a grooming tote complete the luxurious feel you’re going for. 

Equus Detangler  Is an excellent natural detangled that leaves manes and tails shiny and smooth without any strange additives. Plus it smells amazing. 

The Rider's Essentials Gift Basket

Create the perfect gift basket for equestrians, the gift every horse lovers will rave about

The idea with this basket is to fill it with gifts that are universally loved among riders regardless of discipline. Even if you know nothing about someone’s riding style you can still get it right with this option. It also works great for those that don’t own their own horses but still enjoy riding.

Rider's Essentials Gift Basket

Noble Outfitter Peddies Socks have some amazing features for riding including Opti-dry to keep your feet comfy even on tough rides and added ankle support. Plus they come in fabulous patterns.

Ariat Insulated Tek Grip Gloves are the ultimate riding glove for a great balance of feel and warmth. Even though they are insulated they are not bulky like some winter riding gloves. I have found that they run slightly small so you may want to size up to avoid stressing the seams.

Kerrits Protek Headband Is the perfect thin headband to fit under a helmet. It soft fleece lining keeps your ears warm and the fun patterns are adorable. I have one like it in blue. I love being able to wear it into the grocery store after riding and still look cute.

Minus 33 Neck Gaiter  If you haven’t tried Minus 33 products yet your missing out. They have done a great job of creating wool gear with all the benefits of wool and none of the itch. 

Spill-proof Insulated Cup I don’t think this one even needs explaining. As horse people we take beverages with us everywhere so having a cup that can handle being dropped, keep a drink hot or cold for extended periods of time and won’t spill is sure to become every horseman’s go to. 

Equal Exchange Hot Chocolate  I think there should be a law against giving a travel cup or mug of any kind without including hot chocolate or tea. So I always make sure to throw in one of my favorite kinds. This brand in particular is very rich & smooth. Plus its fair to the farmers who grow it so you can feel good about buying it.  

One more handy trick I love to do when creating a gift basket is to skip filling it with tissue paper and use a fun horse print scarf to pad around the items instead. It add an extra surprise and ends up being an instant hit with any type of rider. 



We're showing you how to get it just the right gift for the horse lover on your list with our Ultimate Gift Basket Guide.

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