Do horses like to be ridden? Yes - No - Maybe

Rookie Horse and I are taking a deep dive into this question to help you understand how your horse feels about riding.

I was recently asked to collaborate on a guest post with Rookie Horse (I highly recommend exploring their site, it’s filled with tons of great posts covering all things horse). The goal of our post together was to answer the question “Do horses like to be ridden?”

I know many of us have had this question run through our minds, putting it off either not knowing how to find the answer or not wanting to know the answer. Well as I was writing the rough draft I found myself headed down a rabbit hole full of related questions…

If allowed to say no and be heard would horses choose not to ride?

How can I tell if My Horse likes to be ridden?

What if my horse shows a negative attitude while riding?

What can I do to make sure we’re both having fun?

We are far from coming up with definitive answers to all of these questions instead our post aims to offer guidance to help you navigate them with your own horses. So if you’ve ever wondered how your horse is feeling about riding or what you can do to make their experience as enjoyable as your own you can check out the full article right here.



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