Saddle Box Review

Is a monthly horse themed subscription box right for you?

I was recently contacted by the awesome crew from Saddle Box asking if I wanted to check out their equestrian subscription boxes and share my thoughts on them with all of you. I love surprises so it getting a mystery box filled with horse-related goodies was right up my alley. And now that I’ve had a chance to see what Saddle Boxes are all about I’ve got the whole scoop for you.

What's a Saddle Box?

Saddle Box is a subscription box that gets delivered right to your door. It’s filled with horse-related goodies. The variety of items includes grooming tools, treats, books, and care products.

What I love about it...

I love getting surprises, especially horse-related ones. Looking forward to the mystery box of horse goodies is such fun, they pack so many different items you and your horse are sure to get some great finds in every box.

They are filled with stuff you didn’t know you needed. Saddle Boxes have a wide variety of items handpicked by horse people. In the box that I received, there were two items that I’ve never used before and wouldn’t even have thought to buy them. I can’t wait to try them out.

Your purchase helps rescue horses! Every Saddle Box comes with a note taped inside with a picture of the rescue horse that benefits from the purchase. Buy fun horse surprises and help rescue what’s not to love!

  • New horse owners just getting started 
  • A nice gift for equestrians of any discipline 
  • A fun surprise for yourself and your horse if you’re looking to discover new equine finds
  • Equestrians that care about helping rescue horses
  • Great idea of saddle club awards or rider/boarder of the month gift
  • People with multiple horses or bigger barns (they could always use more goodies) 
Saddle box review

A couple things to keep in mind...

It might not work as well for people who are very particular about their tack and equipment or for the rider who has everything. In these cases, I’ve found that personalized or custom made gifts tend to work better.

You can get more info on how the subscription boxes work and sign up for yourself or a friend at

Does Rudy approve of Saddle Boxes?



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