Being whole, not perfect in horsemanship

This time of year is always filled with so much energy and intention around making changes, committing to resolutions, and setting goals. To be honest with you for me the “best ever” madness has become deafening. Most of you know that I love growing, I’m all about experiencing new things, and its pretty rare for me to decide something is “just not in my wheelhouse”. So I have no issue with wanting more for ourselves in the year to come. What I do have a concern with is finding a balance between striving for more and picking apart the shortcomings? Trying to cut out every dark messy corner of our lives not only seems unrealistic but extremely haphazard.

Those shadows are vitally important.

The horses (and humans for that matter) that give us the opportunity to appreciate their strengths and weaknesses equally are the greatest teachers. Not just in horsemanship but about life. They show us how being whole, not perfect is what’s most important. At the moment that we are faced with difficulty it takes a ton of courage to let ourselves feel the discomfort, embrace the struggle, and find appreciation for it. Appreciate the fact that there is something to be learned. Appreciate that the discomfort has the ability to amplify it’s opposing feeling. Appreciate that to have a shadow it means there must be light on the other side. When we recognize the strength found in the shadow of darkness we are able to fully experience the grace of the light.

As I create my vision for 2019 I plan to keep in mind the words of the amazing Jane Fonda- “We are not meant to be perfect. We are meant to be whole” and I invite you to do the same.



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