When I was creating this mandala there where WAY too many attempts that hit the cutting room floor. Finding a balance between honing in on details and panning out to see the flow of the entire piece proved to be more difficult than I anticipated. It was so easy to get caught up in a frenzy of nitpicking perfectionism. And even easier to see a vision so vast it lacked appreciation and awareness. Many of the versions that got dumped had beautiful details that didn’t flow well together at all or they had a nice overall feel but lacked depth. I was missing the synergy of the details coming together to create the whole vision.

My tendency in just about everything I do is to perfect the details only to zoom out and realize they don’t work toward my overall goal. The barn is spotless but the latest blog post isn’t finished. Dinner looks like it came out of a Martha Stewart magazine but I didn’t get caught up on the accounting (sigh). The hold up isn’t about being too busy or too lazy. It’s about being too close.

I guess this project is showing me that I need to lighten up on the details and put more attention on the bigger vision. Zoom in. Zoom out. Breathe. While working on my upcoming projects I keep picking things apart just like I did with the mandala. I have days of getting stuck on minor details. Stifled because I can’t get something exactly right or I put things off because they’re not “ready” to share. Having something perfect today can’t hold more importance than having the pieces come together on time. It doesn’t need to be perfect it just needs to be shared.

Today I hung up a quote in my office to remind myself to zoom out.
“There is only one thing and we are all it.” -Emily Fletcher

Pan out feel the gravity and grace of the entire vision. Take the opportunity to see the beautiful genius of the universe and all its intricacies flowing together.


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