Nature gives us everything we need to stay balanced by using the earths elements


Balancing The Elements

This shot of wild horses was taken on a trip we took to the Outerbanks for my sister’s wedding in 2012. With her anniversary a few days away the timing is perfect to dive into thoughts of wild horses soaking in the sun, with the wind in their manes, waves washing over their legs, and their hoof prints in the sand.
Getting to watch the wild herd roaming around right outside the beach house was incredible. They were some of the most peaceful and grounded animals I’ve ever seen.









This scene also makes me think of my old dog Reggie, he went on this trip with us at the chipper age of 17. He had fire energy all the way. My Grandma even gave him the nickname Sparky. He lived his life taking action and forging ahead without hesitation. He’d never pass up the chance to jump in a water tank on a hot day or tear into anything that resembled a critter hideout. There were plenty of times he got himself into tricky situations but somehow he’d find his way out with just as much energy and passion as got him there in the first place. He was a once in a lifetime pup. I strive to have even a smidge of the Fire he had.

If any of you ever have the chance to head to the ocean in spring I highly recommend it. Going before the busy season means it’s quiet enough to let go of the million thoughts you brought with you and just let the elements work their magic. I’m sure I’ll go back again to visit the horses and feel the kind of balance that comes from sitting in the warm sand breathing in the ocean air.





Ps. Sis if your reading this I hope you and Seth have a happy anniversary and a wonderful year ahead filled with the stability of Earth, the clarity of Air, the passion of Fire and the ambition of Water.

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