We are all expanding limitlessly


It’s a bit strange to picture a tree that grows from within each of us but when I let myself go out on that strange limb something interesting comes to me. I feel inspired to imagine what qualities that these trees have. Strength. Being rooted. Resilience. Transformation. Reaching new heights. Expansion in all directions. The way that these “inner trees” help the world also comes to mind. Shading, sheltering, and inspiring others. I’d like to think we are all growing a metaphorical tree that is meant to expand beyond ourselves. Periodically shedding off the leaves that are no longer serving a purpose. We all start with a tiny seed within. Your focus determines the direction it grows.

Is there more I could be doing to help myself grow? Absolutely. Is there more I could be doing to help my horse grow? Absolutely. It’s fun to imagine the image beautiful forest that you can surround yourself with if you focus on what you want to expand.

“The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago, the second best time is now.” – Chinese Proverb



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  1. Tammy

    What an inspiring perspective! I love this post! Just like you mentioned in your newsletter, our bodies and souls need to time prepare, experience, and reflect all that is happening with each season…. just like a tree does from season to season. It’s important to embrace each part and not just focus/appreciate life only when it’s in bloom. ❤️

    1. InsightfulBR

      I know right, I’m really looking forward to the quiet restoration of winter. Thanks for following along on these posts and leaving a comment.

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