Just Keep Going

This past week and a half I’ve been looking at the business and life goals that I set at the beginning of the year and I can’t help but feel like I’ve missed the mark is so many areas. I’ve poured a ton of work into things that haven’t quite panned out the way I expected them to. When I list it all out it looks like I’ve done a lot but when I actually look at the results from all that “doing” its hard to see any real progress. As I look at setting my goals for 2019 it’s honestly really hard to try to project where things will go and hard to feel prepared to take on the challenges of the year ahead.

There is one thing that always comes to me whenever I get to the point of feeling like I can’t stick it out through one more hiccup. That one thing is a little message from my very first horse. She always pops into my head and says “just keep going”. She was a special little grey Arab with a ton of heart. Always up for trecking along even if she had no idea where we were going or how many obstacles we might encounter. She had so much faith in everything working out.

Her life was far from easy but her resilient optimism never faded. She would just keep going.
Most days I’m far from being a “successful” business owner by many standards but I’m reassured that in the areas that are important I can find my own resilient optimism. And with her coaching me on I can just keep going.




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