The emotions you project determine the emotions that are reflected back at you from others.


This week has started with what seems to be the perfect storm. My laptop died (as a blogger and a business owner you can imagine how heavily I rely on it). Then I stopped to get gas I found out my credit card got flagged for fraudulent activity (my car was able to get me home running on the fumes of good karma). To top it all off the files and pics that I should be able to access on my icloud storage somehow got stuck in the clouds.

The real frustrating part is I keep getting stuck being annoyed by technology and impatient with my lack of progress. I’m not directing the negativity at others, so its okay to give myself a free pass to keep rehashing what’s not working, right? Wrong. Being surrounded with negative energy IS harming someone! Myself!

So how do I get over feeling annoyed and impatient? First, realize these feelings are informative messages I’m grateful for them. What are they telling me? I’ve let my happiness and progress depend too much on things that are relatively unstable. There are always going to be quirks (especially with technology). Instead of a computer crash triggering a negative spiral I need to take a note from Rudy (the mare in the picture) and reflect the energy I need most at a stressful time. Time to become creative, resilient, and resourceful.
Can you hear my comeback song playing in the background? Miranda Lamber’s got it covered for me.
This shift has given me a steady flow of incredible new ideas for Insightful Equine (jotting them down with a good old pen and paper). I managed to get the credit card quirk fixed chatting with an incredible customer service rep without even having to wait for them to mail me a new card (coincidence, I think not). The parts for my MacBook come on Saturday until then I’m decluttering, networking, and feeling grateful for automation.
At the risk of sounding cheesy, I’m going to turn this setback into a comeback.




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