Root Chakra

Focusing on the root chakra this week has been fan-freakin-tastic. Tapping into stability, survival, and connection to nature busted loose some of my indecisiveness. Shifting me into “get things done mode”. Tuning in to the “I have” root chakra statement has also shown me a clear picture of what I want in my life.

Another big aha root chakra moment came while I was on the mat. As some of you know I’ve been doing the new 30 day Dedicate series on Yoga with Adrian. The practice on day 20 had this spot of standing upright lifting up through the front body and grounding down through the back body.

As I was doing this pose I could picture how horse’s bodies work the same way. With grounded energy across their backside (think of how a horse looks when they are weathering a storm-head down backside to the wind) and elevated powerful energy through the front of their body (like when they canter through an open field with their heads high, tails in the air). Imagining this allowed me to feel the loop of elevated and grounded energy flowing through me.

I’ve had horses show me this stable energy other times by turning their back. Not in a threatening way but in a way that shares good grounded energy from the root chakra. They’re pretty cool about doing this for one another too. When a herd mate has unstable energy the other more balanced horses will turn their backs to giving grounded energy to the situation.

It makes me aware of just how often we instinctively do the opposite. For example when someone puts a charged up post on social media 20 people jump in with their own charged up reply. Instead of one unbalanced person finding an anchor through their supportive friends, there’re now 21 people that have lost their marbles.

This predatory nonsense is a good reminder to pay attention to what we’re projecting. We have the ability to help horses or humans when they’re overwhelmed by unstable energy (whether it’s their own, ours, or stray voltage). Stop Doing so much Fixing and drop your anchor.

My go-to root chakra statements…
I have an anchor
I have grounded energy
I have stability
I have a connection to nature

Well, I’m off to go sit on a horse with my freshly rediscovered roots.


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