Get the perfect last minute gifts for all your horse friends

And still have money left over for treats.

I tend to be a bit of a last minute shopper, ok I’m a full blown buy everything two days before Christmas kind of person. Sometimes this works out with amazing deals and sometimes it ends up backfiring with getting stuck eating up a ton of express shipping charges to make sure things arrive on time. 

In all my procrastination I have learned a few tricks along the way. Everything from finding great deals to getting free fast shipping. I figured I’d fill you all in on the best finds I’ve come up with this year so you can check off all the horse friends on your list. Oh yeah and since I’m on a tight budget I’m featuring gifts that are less than $25 and have free shipping with Amazon Prime incase your in the same boat. Happy Gifting! 

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Between early mornings and helmet hair a cut hat is a must have for every equestrian. Ariat pretty much nailed it with their vented snapbacks when it comes to comfort and style. For less than $18 an Ariat Snapback is the perfect gift to let your riding buddy know how much you appreciate them. 

This gorgeous horse coloring book is designed to be taken apart so that each page can be displayed as a work of art. I love the idea of coloring stunning images then cutting them out and mod-podging them onto things like gift bags or craft boxes to create beautiful wrapping for gifts for all my horsey friends. 

Gifting a boot care kit is a sure fire bet for anyone that owns leather goods, tack, or riding boots. These items tend to be crazy expensive and last way longer when they are given the right TLC. Leather care products really are the gift that keeps giving all year. The best part is one size fits all. 

Darn tough socks are specifically made for riders but they are the most well crafted socks I’ve ever worn. They are made in the USA and have a lifetime warrantee. When it comes to staying warm in the winter the Yeti is the way to go. Just remember no matter what socks you have your feet will only stay warm if your boots are roomy so avoid layering up your feet to the point of feeling tight inside your boots. Your much better off to get a pair of winter riding boots that are a size up and then only wearing one pair of good quality wool socks for the perfect combo of staying dry and warm. 

Irideon is known for making great riding gear and they definitely got it right with this jacket. It’s perfect for layering and because it zips all the way down you can easily take it off when you get warmed up. And its fitted for optimal range of motion, plus a little extra length in the back (no drafts up you back woohoo!). Some sizes are marked down to less than $20 and I don’t think they will last too long so better jump on this one sooner rather than later. 

A travel mug and some organic hot chocolate are a sure bet for staying under budget at the barn gift exchange.  

A snood is like a scarf, a neck gaiter, and a hood in one handy item of clothing. You can pull it up to cover your head in crummy weather or slide it down to wear around your neck when you start getting warmed up while working or riding. Basically its like three gifts in one and you can get one right here

As horse people we tend to shlep around way too much stuff and get a bit unorganized. Our cars become a catch all and walking into the barn with our hands full is a daily occurrence. Having a pretty bag to keep the necessities handy might just start a Marie Kondo style clean-up and pair down movement.

As horse people we end up spending a ton of time out in the sun and reapplying sunscreen every two hours just an’t happening. If your not familiar with sun shirts basically they protect your skin from getting fried like most shirts would but they are also thin and super breathable which means you stay cool like you would in a tank top. You can check them out here

Handmade horse treats are a cute way to add a little something for the horses. This molasses cutout cookie recipe is the perfect way to spread a little Holiday cheer at the barn. To keep it horse friendly I used sea salt instead of icing to decorate them. 



Insightful Equine is sharing our last-minute equestrian gift guide helps you get the perfect budget-friendly gifts for the horse lovers on your list and save money.

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