DIY Apple Heart Wreaths

The Perfect Valentine's Treat For Your Horse

Is your horse your Valentine this year? Don’t forget to make a little something special for that tall, dark, and handsome horse in your life. Make sure they’re feeling the love with these heart shaped apple wreaths. 

This project is a spin off of the apple wreaths that I shared over the holidays. It’s super easy and adorable. The main difference is that it uses a wire hanger instead of a ribbon. The wire makes it hold the shape of a heart. 

DIY Apple Heart Wreaths


1. Gather supplies & tools

You will need a long piece of heavy wire or a heavy wire coat hanger. Nine to twelve apples depending on how big you want your wreath. And a wire cutters. 

2. Prep the wire

Untwist the hanger if you are using one or if using a spool of wire cut a piece about fifty inches long. Share the wire loosely into a heart shape. It doesn’t have to be perfect as it will be adjusted as you go along.

3. Wire the Apples

Poke the wire through the center of each apple as if you were stringing together beads on a necklace. You will need to work a bit to get them to make it around the point at the bottom so they fill both sides of the heart. 

4. String the apples together

I ran my wire through 1/2 of the apples bottom first then swapped to top first so that they would all be facing up when the heart takes shape. 

5. Twist your wire closed

Once your apples are all strung onto the wire you will bring the ends together so the the apples form a heart. Then use a wire cutter or a pliers to twist the ends tightly. Next you can adjust the shape to make it more symmetrical.  

6. Hang it up and enjoy!

The extra hook part of the hanger can be turned up to hang the wreath at the barn. Hang the apple wreath on your horse’s stall. And have fun feeding them an apple from it after each ride. 

*DO NOT let your horse consume wire- this should be obvious but just incase you forget that its in there and let them try to bite the apple right from the wreath. 



Insightful Equine shows you how to create this adorable heart wreath for your barn and share the love with your horse

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