What horses can teach us about the solar plexus chakra


Solar Plexus Chakra

As some of you already know when I create Insightful Inspiration pieces I work from photos that I’ve shot. Usually, as I’m making them little bits of insight and inspiration pop into my head when I think of the horse in the photo and my experiences with them. For this Solar Plexus chakra, I worked off the silhouette of a horse named I Cue The Music (Chevy is his barn name). I actually made it a few weeks ago and didn’t have any aha moment when I picked the photo or the entire time I worked on it. It just flowed on autopilot. I was thinking Chev may have left me hanging without any insights.

He is a very charismatic, adventurous, and confident horse so it seemed like he was the perfect fit. But there was no extra insight… I spent all week focusing on what I was to learn and share about the Solar Plexus. And nothing. The harder I thought about it the more empty I felt (I’ve had my share of struggles with all the positive elements that are tied to the solar plexus chakra and it was apparent this week). Then last night I taught a lesson with Chevy and it was like my whole week was condensed down to ten minutes of working on the canter. His rider had done a stellar job of warming him up and he was happy to trot with long sweeping strides. Not a care in the world. Then we started canter work and he switched right to very serious focus. He was trying so hard to get it right that all the flow was lost.

After taking several breaks I finally said let’s forget what it’s supposed to be like and just go for one happy canter. He jumped into a beautiful canter all on his own. It was so cool to see him shift away from trying so hard and move to work from a place of being happy first and getting results second. The biggest aha came when his happy movement was also the most beautiful + correct movement.

It really showed how when we stop trying so hard our confidence shines through without the hindrance of insecurity. Vitality and purpose take over, stepping into our own version of a happy canter. That is when the most progress happens in whatever we are trying to accomplish.

Statements to empower the Solar Plexus

I do what feels good
I do allow myself to move freely with purpose
I will find ways to fuel my vitality
I will build up my self-esteem

Now on to spend some time in the sunshine with a cup of golden milk (ok I’ve actually never had golden milk – somebody please let me know if it’s worth all the hype).



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