Step-by-step DIY apple wreaths

They make adorable stall decorations and horses love them too!

Apple wreaths are incredibly easy to make. They only tool I used is a power drill but you can easily make them without on just using a wooden skewer. They only require two supplies (apples and ribbon). And they look so cute hanging on the front of stalls. When your done using them as decoration your horse is going to be happy to help with clean-up too!   

DIY Apple Wreaths

Make your horses an apple wreath with this easy DIY tutorial

1. Gather supplies & tools

You will need a power drill with a long drill bit or a sharp skewer. Seven to nine apples depending on how big you want your wreath. And a ribbon or if you want your wreath to stay perfectly round when you hang it up you will need wire. 

2. Remove Apple Stems

Twist off the stems from the top of each apple so that they aren’t in the way when you drill through the core. 

3. Drill through the cores

Drill a hole straight through the core of each apple so that you can run your ribbon or wire through them. If you’re using a skewer instead a drill its easier to stab the skewer into the apple from the top first then go through it the rest of the way by holding onto the apple and tapping the skewer again the counter top till it pops out the other side. 

4. String the apples together

I found it place my ribbon over the hole on the bottom of each apple then us the drill bit to poke it through the center. Once a little bit of the ribbon popped out the end of the apple then I removed the drill bit and pulled it through the rest of the way. I ran my ribbon through all the apples the direction but you could do half one way and half the other so all the apples point  top up when you hang it. If you choose to use wire you can feed it straight through on its own. 

5. Tie your ribbon ends together

Once your apples are all strung onto the ribbon or wire you will bring the ends together so the apples form a circle. Then tie the ends tightly to hold the circle shape. Extra ribbon can be tied in a cute little bow. 

6. Hang it up and enjoy!

Hang the apple wreath on your horse’s stall. And have fun feeding them an apple from it after each ride. 

*DO NOT let your horse consume ribbon or wire- this should be obvious but just incase you forget that its in there and let them try to bite the apple right from the wreath. 



Insightful Equine is teaching you how to make an apple wreath to hang on your horse's stall.

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