Remembering and Honoring The Horses We Love

Horses are such amazing animals and phenomenal teachers sometimes a heartfelt thank you and a picture on the wall just don’t do them justice. I know it can be tough to express just how incredible they are so I’m sharing some of my fav ways of honoring and remembering them. 

Insightful Equine is sharing five unique ways to honor horses that have touched your life.

Honoring our amazing horses

Sponsor a horse at a rescue

Build a little good horse karma by giving back to horses in need. Horse rescues are doing amazing work, saving many horses from an awful fate. The bills add up fast in the process of helping them get back on their feet finding loving homes. For many of these operations, the number of horses they can save is limited by the funds they can raise so sponsoring a horse in need is a perfect way to honor one that had an impact on your life.

Handmade horse hair items

There are a ton of great ideas for making your own DIY horse hair jewelry on Pinterest that go way beyond braided bracelets. Some of the most impressive done for you horse hair items I’ve seen have been from Spirit Horse Designs. I’m not associated with them in any way I just really love their work ;-). You can also check out this post I created on DIY horse hair pendants to easily make your own.   

Custom art and photo transformations

Photos are awesome for tapping into the good vibes we feel for our amazing horses but sometimes we just don’t have that perfect wall worthy shot. Getting a custom piece created can be a great way to capture the memories with a work of art you’d be happy to walk past every day. 

Planting a fruit tree

A number of years ago I lost a horse that was very special to me. Her favorite fruit was pears. Every time I eat a pear I think of her. I haven’t found the perfect spot for her pear tree just yet, but it’s on my list.
I know when I get Queenie’s tree planted it will be the best reminder to live every day with positive energy and zip just like she did.

Volunteer at a local shelter

Spending quality time with other animals in need can be tremendously helpful in healing after the loss of a horse. Plus it’s a great way to give back to animals that are looking for love and support just as much as you are. If being around horses is too tough, try pitching in walking dogs at a local shelter instead.

Journaling and guided meditation

Most of you know I’m a big fan of regularly jotting down the million horse thoughts that are clogging up my brain. I’ve shared a lot about how helpful it is to write about your experiences with horses and how taking notes in a riding journal maximizes progress.
All this was pretty logical to me. Organize the thoughts, learn the lessons more proficiently, be a better horse person. But what I didn’t expect was how much understanding I would gain when writing from a place of gratitude for horses. If you’ve had a chance to checked out the Inspiration Gallery, you know the insights I’ve gained from my journal pages and how they have changed my view of the world.
For those that are not into writing doing a simple loving-kindness meditation can be just as powerful. Horses are such thoughtful animals spending time focusing on them with gratitude is truly a beautiful way to honor them.



Insightful Equine is sharing five unique ways to honor horses that have touched your life.

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