Journal Prompts For better Horsemanship

Start writing better to start riding better.

Journaling is an awesome way to gain a higher understanding of yourself and your horses. But it can be a bit tricky to get into the right mindset. You sit down to write and find your mind is as blank as the page in front of you. Or you let all your thoughts dump out onto the page finding little if any valuable information in what you’ve written, just mindless babble.

I’ve found myself in these two spots plenty of times. I’ve also had times when I’ve gotten to the bottom of the page and discovered my greatest insights. So what made the difference between striking gold and getting left with squat? Setting the right focused intention for your writing is the key. These ten journal prompts can get you started.

Using Journal Prompts To Become A More Mindful Horse Person

1. If my horse could speak right to me what would she/he say? What would they want me to understand about themselves? What would they want me to know about myself?

2. What was the most stressful time I've had with my horse in the past month?

3. What dissolves the stress in my relationship with my horse?

4. Think about the last three rides. What did my horse enjoy doing the most? What did they find tedious? What was my favorite part?

5. What goals with my horse will motivate me to reach the next level?

6. How are my riding goals in line with the vision I have for my relationship with my horse?

7. What lesson has my horse taught me that I can apply to other relationships?

8. What would the perfect day with my horse be like? What activities would we do? How would it feel? What might I learn?

9. If I let my horse have free rein to show me anything they want to what would they show me? How could I apply what I learn?

10. If I could channel one quality/personality trait from my horse what would it be? How might those around me respond to this energy?

Remember journaling isn’t about perfect writing. It doesn’t have to be complete or correct. Try not to judge the thoughts that come to you. Use the journal prompts to help them flow onto the page. Sometimes you’ll see the insights right away. Other times they won’t make much sense till you’re triggered by your horse to see your writing from a new angle.



Ps. If you need a little motivation to get started a pretty journal and a really nice pen are a great place to start. 

Insightful Equine is helping you write your way to better riding with these 10 journal prompts for better horsemanship.

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