Heart Chakra


Thinking about the heart chakra made me feel compelled to share something different with you than what I usually do in these Insightful Inspiration pieces.

As a very empathetic person sometimes I find myself struggling to keep an open heart in a world filled with so much suffering. I know that when we attempt to shut out the difficulties we are also shutting out the positive feelings as well.
And I love my big open heart and didn’t want it to become quiet and callous. I just needed to bring more balance to my heart chakra to keep it all in perspective. After all to appreciate the happiness we must also know what it is to feel sadness.

In an attempt to find more balance I began exploring meditation and guided visualization. I’m amazed by how much It has helped me to channel love for myself and all the beings of the world. I’ve gained so much more compassion for others, knowing that we are all doing the best they can with the resources and knowledge we have.

For those that feel like the pain of the world has caused them to closed off parts of their heart in an effort at self-preservation I created a guided visualization for you that may help bring more love and balance to your heart chakra. I’m far from being a meditation teacher so it’s far from perfect but I do feel that anyone can meditate and it’s worth sharing.


Thoughts to expand my heart chakra

I love through forgiveness and compassion
I love and accept myself as I am
I love the world with an open heart
I love love and horses



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  1. Kathy

    Love it! And all of your site that I have explored so far-thankyou for sharing 🙂

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