The power of I am enough quote with horses


Today as I was finishing this I Am Enough design with the horse and the western sky, a thought came to me

“The sky is the limit, let your horse take you there.”

It makes me think of the countless horses who’s confidence in themselves carried them well beyond what they “should” have been able to accomplish. You can call it having heart or horsepower or winning against the odds. They are Limitless and should be an inspiration to us all as to what is possible in our lives.

I’m so grateful to have horses that drive me to work past the limits that I create for myself. They aren’t afraid to show me when I’m playing small or to challenge me to speak up even when my voice shakes. For more years than I can remember horses have been pushing me out of my comfort zone to grow on many levels and I am a better person for it.
Horses are amazingly skilled at reminding us we are good enough, boundaries exist only in our heads, and that we must reach for the sky. We have the power to soar past our current limits when we believe in and live by one simple phrase. I. AM. ENOUGH.



Ps. I would love to hear how horses have reminded you that You Are Enough. Feel free to leave a reply in the comments with your own lessons in Limitlessness.

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  1. Cindy

    I love this Becky. Self acceptance is the foundation of everything else.

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