Find out what the horses can teach us about following our intuition and opening the third eye chakra in the latest post from Insightful Equine.


The Third Eye

The third eye chakra is all about tuning in to intuition, being perceptive, and making accurate interpretations of the guidance we are given.

Looking at the position of the third eye on a horse makes me think about all the different whirl (hair colics) patterns they can have in that area between their eyes. Linda Telling Jones wrote a fascinating book on what traits have been known to correspond with each pattern. It covers the findings of a study done on the personalities of 1500 horses. While it doesn’t talk about their intuition relating to the whirl patterns it does talk about which ones correlate to being more complex thinkers.

The thought of horses having so much energy in and around the area of the third eye that it affects the way the hair grows is so interesting to me. Hair patterns are created in the womb. It makes me wonder of all the insight that our momma horses are sharing with their babies.
Another train of thought that came to is how horses get intricate third eye hair patterns while most of us just end up with third eye frown lines. What are we missing? Maybe too much judgment blocks our intuition. Or it gets lost as we try to tune out our noisy lives. Even if we do get intuitive messages there is still a need to accurately interpret them. I wonder how often we involuntarily turn them into worries of bad things we think might happen rather than seeing them as guidance toward our purpose.
I guess this is an area that we really need to learn from the experts and let the horses teach us about opening up to intuition.

Thoughts to open the Third Eye

I see a clear picture of my life
I see a vision of my contribution
I see the positive energy in everything
I see and understand that life is happening for me





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