Equine Chakra Insights

Ever since I first heard about charkas I thought they were super fascinating. Like these incredible little power centers in our bodies that help keep the energy balanced and connected to all the important parts of life. A-freaking-mazing.
Even though I thought they were cool I didn’t really understand how amazing they were until last year. A close friend got me a reiki session with chakra balancing and I have to say the chakra piece was the most powerful part for me. At the risk of sounding a bit woo-woo, I felt a total shift as they were being rebalanced it was like clearing away a bunch of old heavy emotions opening me up to feel more grounded, clear, and intuitive. I highly recommend having it done if you are at all open to these sorts of things.
After this experience, I did more digging on how chakras work for horses and found they have the seven that we do plus they also have some extra ones as well. Of course, these energetic powerhouses get extra chakras.
So I figured since horses are amazing at teaching so many important areas of life and they already have one up me with their bonus charkas why not spend the next 8 weeks seeing what they have to share on chakras.
The posts will start at the root and work their way up. I’m not sure exactly what will come of this little journey but the focus for each week will look something like this…
Week 1 Root – I am -Stability, survival, connection to nature
Week 2 Sacral – I feel -Fluidity, pleasure, feeling
Week 3 Solar Plexus – I do -Will, vitality, purpose, self-esteem
Week 4 Heart – I love -Love, compassion, self-acceptance
Week 5 Throat – I speak -Clear communication, resonance
Week 6 Third Eye – I see -Intuition, perception, and accurate interpretation
Week 7 Crown – I understand -Awareness and connection to all things
Week 8 Brachial, Bud, and Sensory – I sense -Bonding between beings, sensing on a cellular level

Feel free to follow along with your own horse if you’d like. I’d love to hear about it in the weeks to come if you do and remember there is no right or wrong and nothing is too silly to write in your journal.  Heck, you guys have seen some of the tangents that I’ve shared, its okay if they don’t make sense just let them unfold.


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