Learn about the additional chakras that horses have and how they use them in the Insightful Equine Inspiration Gallery.


Additional Equine Chakras


This final post in the chakra series covers all the chakras that horses have that we don’t. I had a lot of fun researching these bonus chakras and I have to say after learning about them I have a new perspective on how horses take in the world. I won’t go into all of the details on all of them here but if you’d like to gather more info on them this website is a good place to start. http://www.patinkas.co.uk/Chakra_System_of_Animals/chakra_system_of_animals.html
After learning more about them I feel like I have more understanding of why horses are so sensitive and how our world can feel pretty overwhelming to them sometimes.

Horses have an additional major charka that we don’t have, the Brachial Chakra. Located near the horse’s shoulders on either side of its neck. It’s my understanding that it works like an energy center connecting all the other chakras. It is also involved in the bond between horses and humans.

Horses also have what are called Bud Chakras. They are located on the bottom of the hooves and the base of their ears. These chakras help them determine what areas are beneficial to lay down in (like when your horse paws the ground before laying down) and help them sense energy around them for example, knowing when it’s going to storm. It also makes me wonder if bud chakras on the bottom of the feet are part of why some horses struggle with things like trailering.

They also have minor sensory chakras that help them to oversee their sensory systems. Having more sensitivity and control gives them more refined senses than us in some ways. I would imagine these charkas help them with things like tuning out things that are unnecessary for survival while zeroing in on things that help them stay well. Like knowing exactly when to eat certain plants to keep their system in balance.

Affirmations to lean into your horse’s unique chakras

I sense the energy in all things
I sense my connection to the earth
I sense the spirit of the lessons my horse is teaching me
I sense the bonds that I cannot see

Learning about the Bud Chakras reminds me of a chat that I had with a dear friend after my pony Queenie moved on. My friend is a very intuitive person and was kind enough to spend some time meditating on Queenie and sharing her messages with me. One of the first things that the delightful mare wanted to show off where the glowing white hooves that she got on the other side and how fast she could move with them. At the end of her life, she had battled some mobility issues so hearing about her galloping as fast as she wanted with her glowing white feet made me feel so happy for her. After going on this self-guided chakra journey I can’t help but also wonder if her bud chakras where a part of the energy that was set free on the other side. I guess I’ll have to wait till I see her again to know for sure.


Ps. I don’t know about you but I’m definitely planning to spend more time barefoot with my toes in the dirt. Who knows, maybe someday they’ll discover that we have bud chakras too. Meanwhile, I’m going with the excuse that it’ll help me relate to the horses a bit better.

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