Your horse has something brilliant to teach you

Gain clarity by asking the right questions

I often work with owners that find themselves feeling a bit lost in their focus and feeling like they are struggling to understand their horse or be understood by their horse. More often than not these feelings are sprouting from way too much mental clutter (shocking, right) and listening to too many theories that don’t quite jive with their aspirations.

I’m pretty sure we have all been exposed to our fair share of cockamamie ideas of random crap to try with our horses that worked one time for one person with one particular horse (yup that’s enough to make it a tried and true winning theory that should be passed on to every horse person on the planet). 

Sarcasm aside, if you’re feeling like you need to quiet the chatter or you’re just up for further guidance, fear not your horse has all the answers you just have to be brave enough and open-minded enough to ask creative, powerful questions. 

1. Am I a better horseman today, than I was yesterday?

2. What is the one thing I could do right now to improve my horse’s life?

3. Am I following the crowd or am I listening to my heart, my horse, and my intuition?

4. When was the last time I did something exhilarating with my horse?

5. Is my fear of being judged holding me back from pursuing my equine dreams?

6. If I were to give myself one piece of advice on my first day of being a horse owner, what would it be?

7. What things do I do that make my horse feel that I am being hypocritical or incongruent (such as expecting consistent results but not putting in consistent time)?

8. What parts of my horse’s life don’t reflect my true values?

9. Do I surround myself with positive, inspirational horse people?

10. What am I most thankful for about my horse and my horsemanship?

Ready to dig a little deeper?
Print off these questions or pick a couple of them that stand out to you, grab a journal and head out to spend some quiet time with your horse. As your grooming have an open-minded chat with them about your questions (even the strange thoughts that pop into your head are worth noting as they can lead you to a new perspective). You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how many insights and ideas come to you when you are really listening. Mentally exploring the trails you find your horse taking you down. Jot down any quick notes of thoughts that you want to ponder further or just relax and enjoy the mindful time with your gentle genius.



P.S. There is incredible power in learning from one another’s horses. I would love for you to share your experience in the comments below.

The ability to build a better relationship with your horse is in your hands. Strengthen your communication and connection by asking yourself these insightful questions.

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