Sacral Chakra

Knowing that the sacral chakra is the creativity center of the body makes me realize just how much being with horses can balance and strengthen it. For many of us, horses have a natural way of firing up our creative vision. Even something as simple as scooping poop sometimes brings a flow of new creative ideas from the sacral chakra.

Here in this little corner of the internet, there have been many times when I’ve thought of keeping things simpler. Letting go of some of the hours that get poured into details and designs, switching the focus toward more facts and science. Perhaps I would be able to get more “accomplished”.
Then the horses chime in making it clear they don’t need me to give the world cold hard facts. There are plenty of sources for facts and research findings (most of you have seen my facebook page and know love geeking out on thing horse science). This work is incredibly valuable and needed. Just not from me in that way. Instead, I’ve been called here to bridge the gap between science and creativity.

The horses are showing me how to feel deep connections and to create and share from that place so that I can help others feel them too. After all, feelings are what drive us to seek out better methods, to challenge the worn out industry standards, and to become creative in our approach to the problems we face (with our horses and life).

Even if one beautiful creation here compels one person to read one line that helps one horse then it is all worth it. All the time effort and energy that goes into drawing them and cultivating open-mindedness is no longer just a pretty design. It’s the catalyst that allows me to reach the equine community in an impactful positive way. The mission here is to help every horse on this planet to thrive so I will carry on with my creations and keep bringing you all important messages and new perspectives wrapped in beautiful packages.

My sacral chakra cultivating statements…

I feel passionate about sparking positive change
I feel the flow of the Universe channeling creativity through me
I feel pleasure and fire from within
I feel adaptive and fluid

This took a much deeper dive than I expected. Thanks for hanging in there with me. On a lighter note, I’m pretty sure I’m on track to eat my weight in oranges this week. You’re all invited to join me. We can call it the sacral charka challenge.


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